"Emlen Tunnell was the most beloved person in the New York Giants franchise history.”
-John Mara, Co-Owner of the New York Giants

"Emlen Tunnell's life epitomized his character, courageousness, and his ability always to be ready, Semper Paratus! I am sure Emlen's legacy make all Coast Guardsmen proud. Mr. Lyons' well-researched biography helps uncover many details about Emlen's life in the Coast Guard that was rarely known. It is terrific the Coast Guard is honoring his heroics by naming a cutting-edge Coast Guard Cutter in 2021.”
-Dr. Dave Rosen, Coast Guard Historian

"He was a fun-loving guy, who lived life to the fullest. Quarterbacks did not want to throw the football near him. He often ran the football back a good distance and sometimes scored touchdowns that would be a huge morale boost for the team. We all loved him. He got along great with everyone. He was a leader.”
-Rosey Grier, New York Giant Great and one of the Los Angeles Rams’ Fearsome Foursome, singer, actor, and minister.

"Coach Lombardi liked and respected him. It was almost like there was Lombardi and there was Emlen for the leadership. For a guy like me, he was a source of information, leadership, and guidance. If you had a problem with anything, you could go to Emlen, and he could probably help you out. Whether you were black, or white, you went to Emlen to get his feedback.”
-Willie Davis, Green Bay Packers, Defensive Captain, 2x Superbowl Champion, NFL Hall of Fame

"I am thankful for pioneers like Emlen Tunnell and Jackie Robinson, who trail blazed their way into Professional Sports, so players like me got an opportunity to play in the big leagues. His legacy is admirable.”
-Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves, MLB Hall of Fame Legend

"He was a beautiful human being who dared to trail blaze into NFL to help players like me get a chance to do what we loved, playing in the NFL.”
-Lenny Moore, Baltimore Colts, NFL Hall of Fame Legend

"Two significant reasons Lombardi talked Em to coming to Green Bay with him were: he wanted to send a message to the white players, most of them from the South, that he had no problems with black players on his team. He also made a statement to the all-white town of Green Bay that he would have more than one black player on his side. Em's relationship was very special to Lombardi, and I don't know of another black player who was closer to Lombardi as a friend.”
-Herb Adderley, Green Bay Packers legend, NFL Hall of Fame

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